Custom Logo Design

A logo is arguably the most important element of your brand, therefore, requires careful consideration. As brand consultants, we understand that each organization has different needs business types so we create both generic and iconic logos.  We offer free advice that can help you make an informed decision.

Logo design practices

Understanding this helps you make a better-informed decision for your current project

Generic Logos

KingCom can assist you to create a striking logo one in time and one budget. These type of logos are great for businesses who needs a custom logo design fast. It is also great when you  are not clear on the


  • Cost Effective
  • Faster Design Process
  • Cannot be trade-marked*
  • Brand Advice is limited
  • We build
Generic Logos are Fast

You have an urgent presentation and need an atractive custom logo that is different from the logo design applications

Generic Logos are template based

We base our generic logos on templates and other logo designs that exist. We make quick modifications to the design to suitee your taste.

Professional Custom Logos

A compelling logo is the first opportunity to send the right message to your target audience. We’re your trusted source for custom logo design services online and will serve as an excellent tool to grow your brand.


  • Focus on uniqueness
  • Greater possibility of being trade-marked
  • Sketched and hand-drawn variations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Create an Brand Asset with inttellectual IP
Professional Logos Take Time
Professional Logos

Our Features

Be a part of the process as our designers craft a world-class logo for you.

File Types

We deliver your logo in multiple logo file-formats including vectors to ensure that you will have all resources required to grow your brand. 


Our pro options include artificial intelligence to assist us in creating a logo that is truly unique.


We consider your overall brand strategy and marketing needs, sometimes in pursuit of a great logo we develope a greater understanding of our customers

Artificial Intelligence

Our pro options include artificial intelligence to assist us in creating a logo that is truly unique.

Pricing Plan

Below are our standard design packages.  Keep in mind that no two projects are ever the same so complete our free online brief that will help you through the process of designing your logo

What to consider when creating new a logo?


It is always a good idea to do some research around your logo and brand identity. This will not only give us ideas but also assist in making sure we create a unique brand when necessary.

Revision Rounds?

Revision revisions round is a cycle between requested alterations and a designer making changes.  Although we are accommodating this does affect the cost and outcome of a project.

Clear & Concise Brief

A clear and concise brief makes a huge difference, it helps us eliminate uncertainty and focus on the project at hand which means we spend less time figuring things out and more time doing what we love, design.


Many designers do not consider the reproduction requirements for a logo, the client only realises these shortfalls much later when they try to print, embroider or cut the logo

We believe in upfront, open and honest communication. It does not hurt to ask if anything is unclear. Send us an email