Domain Reseller Agreement


  • Reseller accounts are only available to non accredited registrars who intend on managing domain names on behalf of their clients. The reseller agrees that all domain names registered or transferred via any of the systems provided by Kingcom Holdings Pty Ltd. are done in accordance with ZACR’s published policies and Registrar Agreements. The reseller agrees to use the correct legal registrant information assigned to the domain at the time of processing. The reseller agrees to ensure that the contact details assigned to the registrant are those of the legal owner of such domains and fall within compliance of applicable laws and policies laid out by the ZA Central Registry. Resellers may not register domain names and assign the registrant to themselves.
  •  The Reseller must apply reasonable measures (which the Registry may describe in the Published Policies) to verify the accuracy and completeness of information provided to the Reseller in the Domain Name Application. In the case of TLDs, compliance with ICANN mandated measures will be sufficient in this regard.
  •  In the event that any complaints/disputes are lodged by the legal owner of such domain regarding any of the registrant information, the Provider reserves the right to limit access to such domain or reseller account in order to ensure that it meets the requirements set out by ZA Central Registry.
  •  In the event that a dispute regarding registrant information is lodged, the Provider shall notify the Reseller of such breach and afford them 24 hours to rectify the issue, failing which the Provider reserves the right to intervene and take necessary steps required to release the domain name to its lawful owners.
  •  The reseller indemnifies and holds the Provider harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained as a result of such action, direct or indirect. The Provider may from time to time conduct audits on domain names registered under a reseller account in order to ensure compliance.