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SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) an extra layer of website security that encrypts your data transmission preventing any unauthorized access.

Why SSL Certificates?

In July 2019 Google began to mark websites as NOT SECURED because they didn’t have an SSL Certificate.

Well, if you are wondering about What is SSL Certificates and Why should you implement them on your website then you are the right place. We are going to cover the need to know basics about SSL Certificates and website security.

After applying a SSL Certificate, your website URL will look like instead of


Why Should You Implement SSL on Your Website?


Increased Trust & Credibility

SSL certificates increase user trust and indicate to customers that your company is committed to creating a safe and secure online experience.


Rank Better on Google

SSL certificates help to increase your search engine rankings. Google favours HTTPS-encrypted websites and will rank them higher in search results.

Keep Your Data Safe

SSL certificates are the gold standard for front-end website encryption, this will help you to keep your website and customers data secure.

Safely Accept Payments

Customers identify valid SSL certificates reassuring them make online payments securely preventing hackers from getting to your sensitive data.

SSL Price List

Domain Validated

DV SSL is a server security certificate. It provides the lowest level of security for commercial websites. It is also not issued by any external authority. However, if you have a server that can act as a CA, then you can save SSL certificates cost.

Extended Validation

EV SSL is the best form of SSL certificate available in the market right now. All the SSL certificates like DV, OV provide the best level of data encryption and security, but EV provides best services of all. Whenever you activate this SSL on your website, then it will show https+country of your company or organization.

Organization Validation

OV SSL is a certificate which is provided to websites that require high security. The purpose of this is to secure the website data & the sensitive user data being used on the site. It is highly recommended if you are running a company or an organization.

FREE Lets Encrypt SSL available on our hosting accounts.

What is included with an SSL certificate

Encryption Level

 SSL is mainly used to secure your content online. The security depends on the number of bits being used in the encryption of data. Fortunately, our services use 256-bit or 128-bit encryption bits to generate an encryption key which is used to encrypt data afterward

Site Seal

It is a graphical representation of the protection of data. Site seals may look different because they depend on the type of SSL.

Browser Ubiquity

We make sure that our SSL certificates ensure browser ubiquity. Our certificates are recognized by all popular browsers. Browser ubiquity makes sure that the users experience a smooth and secure visit to your website.

Top Tier Support

At KingCom, we provide the best support to our customers. Our support is also considered as one of the best in the industry because of our diligent support staff.


Are there any other costs related to the certificate

There is no cost related to the certificate to be installed on the server. However, if you have a website your developer might charge a fee to make changes in order for the certificate to work correctly

Why are EV certificates better than Domain Verification

Domain validated certificates only verify a domain’s ownership and are not recommended for web sites with online trade and e-commerce transactions.


Being a registered Company it’s better for you to enable a secure connection to your website with an Extended Validated Certificate. In this case you will have plenty of advantages that will attract customers. The most significant of them are Green Bar and Company name in the address bar visible to end users.

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