Website Design

In today’s business world, every company needs a website. Websites are arguably your most essential marketing asset. If yours is not growing your business, it’s time we helped you upgrade.

We are your reliable web design company for all the web design services for local and international clients, small business and other levels of business. As a company providing one of the best website design services, we offer you a full package.

Pricing Plan

Below are our standard design packages.  Keep in mind that no two projects are ever the same so send us your content and ideas, it might cost less than what you expect.

What factors affect the cost and outcome of a website.

Clear & Concise Brief

A clear and concise brief makes a huge difference, it helps us eliminate uncertainty and focus on the project at hand which means we spend less time figuring things out and more time doing what we love, design.

Pro Tools – Premium Themes & Plugins?

Premium tools and plugins come at a cost but enhance the speed and outcome of any project. As designers it increases potential of our creativity . Our premium option include tried and tested tools to the value of $200 per website. 

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Just having a website does not mean that you will appear on google and other search engines. SEO does however increase your chances. It is a really competitive area which has to consider every element of your website. Performing SEO can be tedious which inflates the time spent and related costs. 

Revision Rounds?

Revision revisions round is a cycle between requested alterations and changes.  Although we are accommodating this does affect the cost and outcome of a project. 

 Graphic Design Elements

Custom and purchased graphic design elements like logos & icons, infographics,  graphs,  make a huge difference to the composition of a website.  

Content Writing?

Let’s face it, we all can write but can we all write well or do we have the time to write content.  For the online world there are three levels of writing content, one is for people, the second is search bots and the third is a combination of writing for both.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is how your websites will appear on multiple devices like phones and tablets. We pay greater attention to this on our premium versions. In certain cases, clients might require a totally different page to be designed for mobile.

We believe in upfront, open and honest communication. It does not hurt to ask if anything is unclear. Send us an email 

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