UX Design

We research and design products and applications that are based on personal user preferences.

We focus on creating innovative design solutions.


What is the UX Design Process?

UX process is central of the design process which may differ depending on the complexity and goal.


User Research

User research is gathering and understanding the people that use your product.

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We research and analyse peoples 

  • Backgrounds
  • Demographics
  • Motivations
  • Pain Points
  • Emotions
  • Goals 
  • Expectations 

Research methods might include surveys, observations, and interviews.  This research will be used to create all the elements required for the product.


 A wireframe is a basic outline or sketch of a product or a screen, like an app or website.

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Wireframes are mostly drawings of  lines and shapes, with some text.

Wireframes can be drawn by hand or created digitally using software.

Wireframing helps you bring your design ideas to life, so other people on your team can provide input and feedback.  

Visual Design

 Visual design focuses on how the product or technology looks.

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UX designers, understand the foundations of visual design in order to communicate the connection between a product’s functionality and its appearance. 

Information Architecture

Information architecture is deciding how your product is organized and structured.

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Think of IA as a skeleton that outlines how users interact with your product. Everything in your product should be organized in ways that make sense to the user and meets their expectations.


 A prototype is an early model of a product that demonstrates its functionality.

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Prototypes can be in physical or digital formats and can vary in complexity.

Sometimes prototypes are made to demonstrate one specific feature of a product, like the transition between screens or the way the product physically looks and feels.

Multiple prototypes may be required for a product throughout the design process.